Top Shopping Destinations

1. Waterside Shops
Located just down the street from the Naples Grande, you can easily head over and explore the numerous opportunities for shopping and dining. A short 5 minute drive or a 12 minute walk from the hotel and you’re in shopping paradise. Luxurious lifestyle stores set into lush landscape, there is surely something there to catch the eye of anyone.

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Additionally, the Naples Philharmonic is next door to Waterside. You can check out their events and museum exhibits online at:

2. Mercato
One of the most popular destinations in North Naples for dining and shopping, Mercato is nestled away from street view. Drive in around the corner and suddenly you’re in a lively environment away from heavy traffic noise. Shops and restaurants line the street so go for a stroll down the sidewalk and you don’t want to miss a thing!
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3. Downtown Naples
Traditional downtown can mean something different to Naples natives. Over the years more hot spots have surfaced in the area of downtown that might be interesting to check out. Each “section” has a different atmosphere, but all areas have popular restaurants renowned by the locals.

  • 5th Avenue
    What Naples natives define as the heart of downtown, 5th avenue is the place to be! Conveniently so, the Friday Night Class Dinner will be hosted within the numerous restaurants off this popular street. There are restaurants to suit every taste making this a hotspot for fine food.
  • 3rd Street South
    As 5th Avenue intersects with 3rd Street, just down the way are another collection of shops and restaurants waiting to be explored. Quainter than 5th Avenue, 3rd Street provides a slightly different feel of elegance. The benefit of dining on 3rd Street also means you can very easily walk over to the Naples Pier.
  • Crayton Cove
    Known as historic downtown Naples, remians small compared to 5th Ave. or 3rd St. However, Crayton Cove still provides many delightful dining options and views of Naples Bay. Enjoy the ambiance of a quiter Naples experience compared to that of the other downtown sections.
  • Bayfront
    One of the newest hotspots in the downtown area, Bayfront is more of a casual experience compared to the other areas in Downtown. That does not mean, however, that there isn’t plenty to see or eat in this area. Enjoy more views of Naples Bay from the north side of US 41.

Fun Fact: The Rotary Club of Naples hosts their annual Food, Wine, and Beer Festival here. As well, the Rotary Club of Naples North hosts their annual Craft Beer Fest at Bayfront.

4. The Village Shoppes on Venetian Bay
Less than 2 miles from the Naples Grande sits the Village Shoppes. With splendid views of Venetian Bay and Inner Doctors Bay, sits another notable shopping mall with satisfying dining options. Known for its design, the Village Shoppes resemble classic mediterranian architecture of Venice. The shoppes also include a few art galleries to peruse during your experience. It has come to be known by the locals as the Jewel of Naples, but it is also notable for being home to the only Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop in Naples!

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