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2 Guys Catering

We are available on Oct 1st and would love to talk through some more details for the event.

Contact: Taylor Baumgardner – Catering Manager or her assistant event planner, Chrisaly, on 239-384-9072 ext.2 or via email:

Artichoke & Company
Contact: Kaylee Ferrell – Event Co-ordinator
Tel: (239) 263-6979

Yes we can cater to multiple sites on the same night given that we do not also have any other huge events/wedding scheduled.

Fire & Rice Paella
Contact: Colleen Connolly – (239) 269 8857
Available to cater on Friday 1st October.
Quick Overview of what is included in a Fire & Rice party.

We prepare a Mixed Paella which contains meats and seafood.  We do have the ability to prepare a chicken and sausage paella for any guests that may have sensitivities to shellfish.

Our paella includes: Bacon, Chicken, Sausage, Bomba rice, organic chicken stock, Imported Spanish saffron, Fresh thyme, Roasted red peppers, Light white fish, Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, Peas, Lemon.

All the equipment necessary to cook the paella in front of the guests.
Disposable Palm leaf plates, forks and napkins.
A chef who prepares the paella in front of the guests.

The fee for our service is $32.50 per guest plus tax with a minimum $650.00 for a Friday – Sunday event.
Visit our website at and our Facebook page at

If you look under the menu portion of our website we have some wonderful tapas offerings that might interest you. We are also introducing a nice cured ham & olive board that we are really excited about.

Ice Supplier
On Ice
Tel: 239 594 3060 Contact: Brad
Trailers for rent. Trailers need a 110 volt outlet.
4,000 lbs for $900 with a 5 by 10 trailer delivered Wednesday pickup Sunday
3,000lbs for $750 with a 4 by 8 trailer delivered Wednesday pickup Sunday (this will be a full trailer)
2,000lbs for $550 with a 4 by 8 trailer delivered Wednesday pickup Sunday

For a daily delivery the minimum order is for 800lbs of ice at $310.
The 4 by 8 trailers are the most popular so they are rented often so to guarantee one for the dates we need we would have to book one no later than end July early August.  Full payment is collected on day of delivery. Email required to confirm rental booking.